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Churchill High School Industrial Technology Department Courses
Intro to Drafting/CAD, Architectural Drafting/CAD and Mechanical Drafting/CAD
Intro Woods and Advanced Woods
Small Engines
* All Courses are One Semester for Grades 9-12


 Vocabulary Matters:  kahoot Quizlet 

My Intro
Edge Factor - Metal and Flesh
Manufacturing Changes Lives
First Jump...  Who Wouldn't Be Scared???
More Dog, Less Cat...
Classroom Rules from Arnold
A pep Talk from Kid President
Pep Talk for Teachers and Students
Mike Rowe - "Alternative Education"
Mike Rowe - The Skills Gap
Mike Rowe - Go Build Alabama
Mike Rowe Speaks to Congress About Dirty Jobs
Mike Rowe Works Website
Did You Know - An Interesting Look at Technology
The Social Media Revolution
Ashton Kutcher's Acceptance Speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards 
Ashton Kutcher declares that personal responsibility, accountability, and hard work are the “insider secret” to success.