555 Marketing III. School Store

Marketing III.  School Store (1 year)                                12
Prerequisite:  Marketing I & II                                        1 credit
This is a one year course that puts theory into real-life business situations.  Practical experiences are gained by the operation and management of the school store.  Students gain hands on experience with technology as they perform retail operations.  Students will have experience in the following areas of retail operations and small business management:  salesmanship, buying and selling process, cashiering and accounting practices, visual merchandising display and sales promotion, merchandising, inventory control, customer service management, marketing mathematics, entrepreneurship, human relations, decision making, budgeting, and scheduling.  Business ethics and employability skills are an integral part of the course.

Through course work, field trips, and guest speakers, students iwll gain confidence and the opportunity to achieve marketing skills.  In addition, students will take part in DECA - Organization of Marketing Students