551 Marketing II. Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Marketing II.  SBM & Entrepreneurship (2nd semester)              10, 11, 12  
Prerequisite:  Marketing I                                                 .5 credits            

Entrepreneurship is a course designed to start you thinking like the owner or manager of a business.  Owners recognize that a person's level of success is only limited by his/her imagination and hard work.  As the business owner, you will explore the impact of the economy on your business.  Legal requirements, physical layout, operations and staffing needs, promotion, social and ethical responsibilities, and applications of technology will be studied.

Ultimately, the goal of entrepreneurship is to educate each student regarding all aspects of starting a business.  This knowledge will assist the student in writing a working Business Plan which could be used to start a business.

Virtual Business Computer Simulation, case studies, on-line periodical research, and special guest speakers will enhance the learning experience. Power Point Presentation skills will also  be featured.

Recommended for students pursing marketing studies, business employment, and those wishing to start their own business enterprise.  Students are encouraged to participate in DECA - International Organization of Marketing Students.